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Horton First United

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City of Horton

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The commission is made up of 5 members that are responsible for funding's, ordinances, taxation, and other general functions throughout the city.

  • Utilities
  • Commission
  • Police Department
  • Court House

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Hours: Monday - Friday: 8-5 


Phone: (785) 486-2681
Fax: (785) 486-2381

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The community of Horton has come together to "Reinvent Horton". To learn more or to donate, click the "Learn More" tab below.

The "Electric City"

City of Horton

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On the new September episode of Working Capital, KTWU will feature Kirk Gaskell of Gaskell Machine and Metal & Jeremy Rusco, Owner of Dynamic Discs. See what it takes to make business happen, from the inital start-up to continued success, tune in for the area's newest local business series. Airing dates on KTWU (11.1) and Enhance (11.3) include: 11.1 on 9/14 6:59 pm, 9/17 2:00 pm, 10/10 12:30 am, 10/19 7:30 pm, 10/29 3:00 pm; 11.3 on 9/21 7:00 pm, 9/23 7:00 pm. It will be available to view online at

The city is currently accepting donations for new light poles downtown. They are $2,250 a piece. If you would like to donate a light pole in honor or in memory of a loved one or in honor of a graduating class, please send donations to City Hall, checks made payable to City of Horton. 


As of November 17, 2014 the reconnect fee for utilities will be $105.00.

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