The City of Horton, Kansas is proudly located in agriculturally based Brown County in the Northeast Corner of Kansas. Twelve miles south of Hiawatha, Kansas. Our town's population is approximately 2.000. We are a progressive and growing community, which recent census figures that show as growing, both in terms of economics and population.  

The City of Horton, rightfully dubbed the Electric City, operates its own local distributing company (LDC), having a 5 megawatt generating facility; a water treatment and distribution system, treating, on average, 180,000 gallons per day; and a water pollution control center, which treats nearly 160,000 gallons of waste water per day. Additionally, the City constructs and maintains over 25-miles of street infrastructure and provides 24-hour 911 and Police Services. All of this achieved by the tirless effors of 22 full-time city personnel.

Our Services


City Hall

                    Reinvent Horton
After the City Wide meeting with Marcus Lemonis
  and the community has come together to  
Reinvent Horton". Volunteers in the Community are gathering to clean, rebuild, assist residents and business owners who need help with yard work, and brainstorm on future plans to better the City of Horton. Tim Lentz and the Chamber are in charge of the " Reinventing of Horton" and will have any updates on the projects. Volunteers can meet every Saturday at the Blue Building at 9 a.m. The Chamber is also selling t-shirts for the project and can be ordered there. For any other updates, info on projects, sales or donations call the Chamber of Commerce @ (785)486- 3321

                      Job Openings

The city of Horton is now accepting applications for the following positions:

Full and part-time Police Officers


Part-time Dispatchers

Please apply online or at City Hall @ 205 East 8th, Horton, KS 66439.



                      Utility Bills

Mailed: 1ST of every month

Due: The 16th every month.

Late Fees: Begin after 5pm of the 16th.

SHUT OFF DAY: 10 Days after the due date at 10 am.

Every Customer is required to pay the late fees and the $30 Reconnect fee if paid after the deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS...

Heart of Horton Donations

The Heart of Horton fund  is a foundation
helping local families pay utilities. Indicate
your gift and add it to your payment ticket
on the back of your card, or stop by City Hall
and make a donation.

       The City of Horton

Business Hours:  Monday - Friday

                            8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

City Clerk's Office:  (785)486-2681

Located at:          205 East 8th St

                            Horton, Ks 66439

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 30

                                 Horton, Ks 66439

      *Enforcing Codes*

The Horton Police Department are

cracking down on the Building Codes/Zoning/ Public Health/ Public Safety Notices. The City of Horton mailed out reminders to keep your residents and businesses up to code. Again, this is only a reminder and was mailed to every customer in the city limits. Please help

keep Horton safe and well maintained.



Horton Swimming Pool

Will be CLOSED this season