Change in Residential Trash Pick Up

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All City of Horton Residential Trash Customers

Effective March 1 st , 2022, your trash service provider will be Hamilton Trash & Recycling. Your trash will continue to be picked up on Wednesday with some slight changes. The City of Horton has purchased all of the trash containers that are currently in place from Waste Management. These include containers with lids , all of the 96 gallon including those that may be labeled Waste Management, RSP Trash Service and/or Deffenbaugh.

All customers will be provided one 96 gallon container with a lid. 2 additional bags are allowed outside of what fits in the container with the base cost. Additional containers may be obtained as available by contacting City Hall at (785) 486-2681. Additional charges will be incurred if you choose to have an additional container.

The new rate for basic service is $18.00 per month.

Additional cart fees are and extra $10.00 per month. 

Special pickups and additional trash services are available by contacting Hamilton Trash & Recycling at (785) 740-8169.