The "Electric City"

City of Horton

City Ordinances

    The Horton Police Department Code Enforcement enforces Building Codes, Zoning, Public Health and Public Safety Ordinances within the City Limits of Horton.

    The mission of Code Enforcement is to promote, protect and improve the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the City of Horton through an effective code enforcement program.

    These ordinances were written and enacted to protect the health and safety of all residents. Action on a specific violation may be initiated by a complaint to the City or by observation of the violation by a Horton Police Officer or Code Enforcement Officer.

    The Horton Police Department will attempt to use a Community Oriented Police Approach by having courtesy knock and talk discussions with residents/owners for immediate actions in an effort to alleviate any further enforcement actions that could result in fines and/or any criminal as well as civil penalties.

    In 2013, the Code Enforcement Officer issued 618 violations in the City of Horton, citing a variety of community standards, public health and public safety issues. These can affect the appearance and safety of our community. They also may lead to court action and fines. So it is important to know the Codes and Ordinances that affect your property.

    To help you learn more about these issues, we have put together a list of the top ten most common violations and an explanation of the Code/Ordinance that violation relates to (*this is just a short version, to see the entire ordinance please come to City Hall or the Police Department to look over the Code Book, or ask questions).

Junk, Trash & Debris

    City of Horton Ordinances stats it is a public nuisance for any owner or occupant to allow the accumulation, abandonment or storage of trash, rubbish, or junk on private or public property. These conditions affect public health and result in dangerous and unsanitary conditions.

Maintaining or Permitting a Public Nuisance

    City of Horton Ordinances states it is a public nuisance by knowingly causing or permitting a condition to exist which injures or endangers the public health, safety or welfare.

Inoperable/Disabled Vehicles

    City of Horton Ordinances states inoperable/disabled vehicles may not be kept within the city limits. It refers to any vehicle that is not currently tagged, or is abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, junked or is in a partially-dismantled condition (i.e. flat tires, no wheels, lacking other parts necessary for the normal operation of the vehicle on the roadway). Inoperable/disabled vehicles may only be kept if they are inside a garage, or behind a privacy fence.

Weeds and Overgrown Conditions

    City of Horton Ordinance states grass and weeds higher than 12 inches in height are not allowed within the city limits, and must be cut.

Fence Violations

    City of Horton Zoning Ordinance states fences in front yard areas are for decorative purposes only and cannot keep anything in or out. These fences must be shorter than three (3) feet in height. Fences in the rear and side may be up to the property line and must be six (6) feet or shorter in height. Fences must be constructed of materials consistent with the neighborhood and of commonly used material (no scrap metal or other offensive material). A building permit is required for ALL fences.


    City of Horton Ordinances states all dogs must be registered and tagged (with proof of rabies immunization shown at time of registration) within 30 days of ownership within city limits.

    Dogs will NOT be allowed to run at-large within city limits. Dogs will be in a fenced in area, on a chain or cable, or on a leash at ALL times.

Building Permits

    City of Horton Ordinances states a building permit is required for 1) all new buildings (homes, garages, sheds), 2) for any building that is enlarged, 3) any construction that changes the overall foot print of the building and 4) any fence.

Exterior Wall Violations

    City of Horton Ordinances requires exterior walls of all homes, sheds, and garages to be in good repair and weather-tight, protected from the elements by painting, or sealing with siding.


    City of Horton Ordinances states burning is permitted ONLY for tree limbs and yard waste (twigs, leaves, etc). Burning is NOT permitted for any type of trash or lumber. Whenever planning to burn notify the Horton Police Department at 785-486-2694.

Parking on the Grass

    City of Horton Ordinances states parking any vehicle on the grass in the front and/or side yards of any property, is prohibited unless these parking areas are on a gravel or cement pad. Driving across a curb or sidewalk to access vehicle parking is prohibited.

Trash Containers

    City of Horton Ordinances requires trash containers be placed by the street the day before trash pickup, and removed from the street side the day after trash pickup.

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