The "Electric City"

City of Horton

Contact Information

Located at: 240 West 18th Street

            Horton, KS 66439

Phone: (785) 879-4357

For Emergency Medical Attention Call: 911


For non-emergency services the city also offers our Rural Health Clinic

Located at: 1903 Euclid Avenue

                  Horton, KS 66439

Phone: (785) 879-4325

Horton Community Hospital

    The Horton Community Hospital provides high-quality medical care in a friendly environment. They offer 25 beds for critical access and for the needs of every patient.

    They offer a broad range of services including Emergency surgery services, Cardiac Rehab, Specialty services, Radiology, Laboratory, Inpatient Care, Rehabilitation Services, Swing Bed, EEGs and EKGs, Treadmills, Nerve Conduction and Sleep Apnea Studies.