The "Electric City"

City of Horton

South Brown County Ministerial Association Utility Assistance Program

If you need assistance please contact a local pastor using the following schedule. Requests are accepted Monday through Friday from 9 am - 3 pm.

                Monday               Horton First United Methodist Church

                                             Pastor Younghwan Won

                                             (785) 486-2349 or (785) 486-3396

                  Tuesday               Church of the Lord Jesus Christ

                                             Pastor Tom Stone
                                             (785) 486-3862

                  Wednesday          St. Leo's Catholic Church

                                             Father Dan Gardner

                                             (785) 486-3971

                  Thursday             Church of the Lord Jesus Christ

                                            Pastor Tom Stone

                                            (785) 486-3862


                  Friday                 Horton First Baptist Church

                                            Pastor John Kress

                                            (785) 486-2286

St. Leo's Catholic Church

Located at 1340 1st Avenue East

Worship Services: 6:30 pm Saturday

8:15 am Sundays

Father Dan Gardner

Phone: (785) 486-3971

Horton First Baptist Church

Located at 400 East 16th Street

Worship Services: 10:45 am Sundays

Pastor John Kress

Phone: (785) 486-2286

Horton Christian Church

Located at 1244 Central Avenue

Worship Services: 10:30 am Sundays

Pastor Ronald Cobb

Phone: (785) 486-3510

Church Of The Lord

Jesus Christ

Located at 1201 Central Avenue

Worship Services: 10:15 am Sundays

Pastor Tom Stone

Phone: (785) 486-3862


Horton First United Methodist Church

Located at 130 East 10th Street

Worship Services: 10:50 am Sundays

Pastor Younghwan Won

Phone: (785) 486-2349 or (785) 486-3396