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      By Darlene Rake

      March 20, 2016

    Serving not only northeast Kansas, but also areas in Nebraska and Missouri for almost thirty years, RAM Exterminators treat each job as if it’s being done for their own family. RAM is owned by David and Janice Crider. Their company uses cutting-edge technology and knowledge of the latest pest and termite control methods. By doing so, pest control jobs are done right the first time, saving the customer time and money.

    When someone knows or suspects they have a pest or rodent infestation, RAM sends an exterminator to provide an assessment. They currently have four guys in the field who can stop by and provide the customer with a plan of taking care of the problem, based on their experience and training. Their highest priority is eliminating the pests safely and thoroughly for the home and family involved.

    “The most common treatments we have usually go with the seasons. The weather has a lot to do with the amount and kind of insects that appear,” Janice explained. “Common pests include termites, fleas, rodents, roaches, spiders, ants, and bedbugs.”

    Termites show up during the spring of the year by way of the “swarmers” that you may see on a nice warm day. This is a warning signal for the silent “worker” termites, which are in mud tubes under your house or in your yard in their colonies. Termites work non-stop, year-round.

    Ants are also year-round pests, but start their forage for food in the spring, along with spiders.

    “Spiders are another product of spring,” Janice said, “when they awake out of their winter slumber. They appear outside, and the next thing you know, they’re in the corner inside your house!”

    As far as challenges, Janice said that pest control management poses challenges almost daily. However, the current bedbug epidemic is the latest they have had to deal with.

    “It can affect all people, from all different walks of life,” Janice explained. “It doesn’t discriminate. The bedbugs visit the poor, the rich, middle class. Black, white, brown…no race is ignored when it comes to bedbugs. Many have been faced with this battle, but with a little work, we can control the problem.”

    Janice says the best part of their business is that there are many “best parts”, one of them being the people you meet from so many different places.

    “Knowing that you are needed and you are able to help someone is high on that list,” Janice added. “Some folks call with despair in their voice. Our job is to console them and let them know there is help and we can then solve their problem.”

    Janice noted that being a business owner takes a certain kind of person to withstand the inconsistencies. She offered this advice to someone opening their own business, “Get up each day, put your work clothes on, go and meet the people, be there for them when they need you, work as long as it takes to get the job done, and be honest.”

    “We have had our share of struggles,” she added, “but keeping your mind set to just go out and do the best you can today has been our goal. Horton is ‘home’, it is a good place to be.”

    If you have a pest problem, you can contact RAM at 785-486-3377 or by email at You can also visit them online at

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