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Cyndi Saxton, CDA, Leah Heston, RDH, Kaycee Smith-Saxton, CDA, Dr. Gary Hochstetler (Photo submitted by Dr. Gary Hochstetler)

Dr. Gary Hochstetler, Dentist

  By Darlene Rake 

     December 20, 2015


    Dr. Gary Hochstetler has been a dentist for 31 years with 26 of those being in Horton. His current office, located at 113 E. 8th St. in downtown Horton, is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 to 5 p.m.

    Dr. Hochstetler provides routine dental procedures such as dentures, partial dentures, implant restoration, mini implants to hold dentures in place, root therapy, gum disease therapy, Invisalign and related appliance orthodontics, crown and bridge work, cosmetic dentistry and tooth-colored fillings.

    Another service available is biological dentistry. What does that mean? Hochstetler explained. “I treat the patient as an individual and choose materials compatible with each patient’s biological uniqueness,” Hochstetler said. “For example, if someone is allergic or reactive to a dental material, I am able to make another selection from our varied materials inventory. Our office is also mercury free, which is an important aspect of biological dentistry.”

    Dr. Hochstetler employs three full-time employees. Cindy Saxton, who is a certified dental assistant and also serves as office manager, has worked with Dr. Hochstetler for 25 years. Kaycee Smith-Saxton, a certified dental assistant, and Leah Heston, a registered dental hygienist, also work for him.

    Hochstetler grew up in Horton but currently lives in Topeka. He originally thought he would pursue a doctorate degree in polymer organic chemistry.

    “I realized that such a profession would require me to work in a lab all day, and I decided that I didn’t want to do that,” said Hochstetler. “My college advisor thought that I would like dentistry and that I looked like a dentist, whatever that meant. I switched to dentistry, and I came to Horton when I realized that the community needed a full-time dentist.”

    Cindy Saxton is very glad Dr. Hochstetler made that decision. She said, “The staff is very proud to work for him and with him. He is very supportive of all of us and so generous with us and with his patients.”

    A graduate of the dental school at Creighton University in Omaha, Neb., Dr. Hochstetler views one of the strengths of Horton to be its friendly, helpful people. However, he realizes that more people need to share the work load and pointed to the need for more grassroots involvement in the Reinvent Horton movement.

    “Progress comes from developing camaraderie within the community, and that serves to encourage others and helps to motivate people,” Hochstetler said. “Making cosmetic improvements is very important in terms of attracting both skilled and professional people to a community. Everyone needs to get involved in keeping up their personal properties as well as in helping to renovate the business sections of Horton.”

    Maintaining a positive attitude is also important, says Hochstetler, and he thinks the community can build on that approach.

    “People around here tend to look out for one another,” he said, “and I am optimistic about the ongoing improvements through Reinvent Horton.”

    Dr. Hochstetler can be reached on his business phone at 486-2807.

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