The "Electric City"

City of Horton


     January 31, 2016


    Regulatory Consultants, Inc., a safety company, originated in 1988 and moved to both Horton and Kansas City in 1994. In 2010 RCI added a Kansas City office where marketing and the information technology group is located. The Horton office is located in the downtown area at 140 West 8th Street and employs forty-three people. Sandy Reese, Chief Financial Officer, has been with the company for 23 years.

    "RCI is a company that helps other businesses keep their employees safe. We provide a web-based safety management system. The system that includes regulatory and compliance information, but focuses on what businesses can do to make their business a safer place for employees," Sandy explained. "The information in the Insight Via™ system translates into 40 different languages in 60 different countries."

    Business owners are able to use the program on the web by inputting a scene recording accidents and incidents immediately, and RCI's program helps by describing what happened that led to an employee injury or accident. RCI helps the businesses learn from the incident and about how to understand if it could have been prevented and, to do so, what changes in processes and procedures need to be may be made necessary.

    "The money spent by businesses spend money on our program but what they find is that could mean they save on insurance because those risk factors should decrease,costs go down," Sandy continued.

    RCI is owned by the German company, Dekra Insight, and continues to grow more business internationally. The name Dekra Insight and branding will be a change coming in 2016. As for the employee side of RCI, Sandy says that it is a very family-oriented company, with excellent benefits flex-time. "The best part of this job is that we get to feel like we're we making make a difference in the world with what we do, saving lives," Sandy said. One of the challenges they face, however, is the increasing competition in the safety field. "We were the first to do this on the web, and now more are starting to do the same," Sandy noted. "We are excited for the future of our company though, as we have grown tremendously in the last couple of years. We are very lucky to have the employees that we have." "We love our building and being able to take just a short walk to eat lunch or to go to the gas station. I feel the best thing about Horton is that it has such friendly people and there has been so much hard work to improve this small town," Sandy commented. "People from all over the United States come here to RCI and they are constantly telling us that Horton is a pretty little town."

    You can find RCI on the web at Sandy can be reached at 785-486-2882.

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